Prior to Angelica Organic Farm's beginnings in 2006, we had long held dreams of organic farming, becoming first-rate produce growers, contributing to community food re-localisation, food sovereignty and regenerative farming. Now we're doing it...

"We are passionate about fair food and real connection between the people growing it and eating it! At the heart of who we are and what we stand for at Angelica Organic Farm is the commitment to be ‘the change we wish to see’ in food production and supply- from farm to fork - food sovereignty and security, food production and consumption ethics, fair food pricing INCLUDING fair payment to farmers, short and viable supply chains, environmental conservation and regenerative farming practices."                   Tim & Deri-Anne Wyatt

  Image by   Angelica Organic Farm

Image by Angelica Organic Farm

Tim Wyatt

In my 'former life', I was a professional chef in leading restaurants such as The Queenscliff Hotel, Fanny’s, O’Connell’s Hotel and The Stoke House. This is where I acquired a love for working with high quality produce and realised the joy in directly supporting producers, makers and small-scale, diversified farms, knowing in-person the people dedicated to creating and providing this food. A ‘seed sown’ in childhood by my maternal grandfather, for many years I loved growing my own organic veggies, but yearned to do it on a much larger scale. I have been known to devour books on organics and Biodynamics cover-to-cover as nightly bedtime reading! Today, I never feel more ‘at home’ than when my hands are in the earth. I find the physicality and connection to the rhythm and cyclical nature of farm work and its fruits extremely rewarding and grounding. Farming has taught me, grown me and changed me as a human being, via many aspects of the work but none so profound as learning to listen to the 'whispers' of the land and my plants, telling me what they want and following that insight through to ever-improving delightful results. The success that you see from our farm today is in no small amount a reward of all my failures past. You can't beat that!

  Image by   Gaye Leago

Image by Gaye Leago

Deri-Anne Wyatt

Living this life is a privilege. It is by far the hardest work we've ever done, and often most procarious livelihood, the most thrilling AND challenging 'ride', but it's the best work I've probably ever done and at last I fill my yearning for earning an honest crust from a vocation I totally believe in and am passionate about. It's not all scenic, bucolic 'beer and skittles' by any means, it's definitely not for the faint hearted, BUT it often makes my heart 'sing'! It is no small undertaking, having your livelihood largely governed by the vagaries of Mother Nature and whims of human eating and buying habits!  Like Tim, I also worked in quality restaurants, and later as a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese acupuncture. From these also wonderful experiences, I developed an abiding interest in fresh, full-flavoured, vital foods, and a love of cooking with fine, nutritious, naturally grown ingredients. I have been delighted by herbs and flowers since my childhood! One of my favourite aspects of farm life is raising the vegetable and herb seedlings to harvest and being witness to the mystical workings of Mother Nature as the plants transition through their life-cycle. In the first few years it was just me and Tim working the fledgling farm alone, but these days I help out on the farm during garlic harvest, a few days each week during peak produce months, I largely run our CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture membership), man our farmers' markets with Tim and am responsible for the general admin, book keeping and marketing for the farm business and household domestic Goddess-ness. I too am partial to a 'good read' in farming articles or books. 

  Image by   Angelica Organic Farm

Image by Angelica Organic Farm

Farm Hands

We employ a small team of dedicated farm hands - currently 2-3 all up. They help with most farm tasks from planting, thousands of seedlings, to weeding, irrigating, harvesting, grading, other packing shed jobs and more.  

We are proud of the fact we are providing meaningful, fairly paid employment for locals in a healthy environment and hopefully inspiring and training some new 'fair food' farmers along the way. Our guys are an integral part of our farm, adding great value on all levels, they lighten the load, share the rewards and challenges and some laughs. We simply couldn't do it without them!