The Online Garlic Shop is NOW CLOSED until further notice.

GARLIC 2019/2020 Update - as at 2 Oct 2019

DEAR GARLIC LOVERS....The current garlic crop (grown & harvest 2019, sales 2020) harvest is anticipated for early December, followed by its curing (2-4 weeks approx. humidity dependent), cleaning, trimming and final weighing BEFORE we can know precisely what yield we have AND therefore WHETHER we have enough for sale to supply the ONLINE GARLIC SHOP??

We understand that some of you have been waiting for over 2 years prior to this for another supply of our garlic and we thank you for your understanding and patience. Hopefully this time around we can offer an online shop supply?

We are still recovering our stock volume after the last few year’s issues, including huge losses the past 2 seasons (i.e. 2017 & 2018 crops). Bearing in mind that the garlic is not our only or primary produce crop and that we are gradually building up planting stock from ONLY our own bulbs without buying in any other planting stock to extend harvest volume. Building up or rebuilding yield volume takes time, years in fact.

If you have joined the Online Garlic Shop mailing list, you WILL BE NOTIFIED promptly, once we can advise of the opening for garlic sales online.

Please bear with us!? After nearly 14 years, our produce and service has a great reputation. Having said that, we are still a small, labour intensive farm, always stretched, and farming is an unpredictable, often risky business, especially when you are not a huge, highly automated mono-culture -style operation. We are dealing with Mother Nature to the fullest and the inherent variables that small-scale, regenerative farming of natural food under natural circumstances involves (unlike much Industrial Agriculture and non-organic Aust garlic).

THANK YOU so much for your understanding and ongoing support.

Our Garlic

We only grow stuff we love to eat and so, garlic was a top choice for us to grow, alongside our diverse mix of veggies! We’re very proud of our garlic and delight in being able to share with you this product, grown lovingly and naturally with integrity in the perfect local cool climate and rich soil conditions to create delicious premium organic garlic.

We’ve been blessed with a great deal of splendid feedback from so many customers about our garlic. Over the years, it's also become that the majority of our annual online shop customers are now long term regulars. We are also honoured to have been delicious Magazine Produce Awards finalists &/or medallists, since 2010 AND we won medals in the Royal Agricultural Show of Victoria's Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, including Silver Medals in 2015 and 2016.

 Our gorgeous certified organic garlic owes its delightfully piquant and rich depth of flavour to being grown under ideal climatic conditions with our long, cold, wet winters here in the Central Victorian Highlands, about 700m above sea level near Daylesford. The fertile, red volcanic soils of Angelica Organic Farm and our ardently employed biological growing methods further guarantee the quality and heartiness of our garlic. Angelica Organic Farm garlic is produced almost entirely by hand – planted, weeded (several times!), harvested, cured, trimmed, cleaned and packed by hand. The best quality control from "sow – to - sale"!

We have been growing organic, early season turban-style rocambole (hard neck) garlic since 2007. Rocamboles are renowned for their excellent, strong flavour, glamorous red-purple skins and single circle of 6-12 easily handled cloves.

Our focus is to grow premium quality garlic for direct sale to home cooks. We are NOT commercial planting stock growers/suppliers and are not set up to do so.

Whether you're looking for full flavour or health benefits from your garlic, the key (once grown) is well cured and well stored garlic, used within its proper season (gen. summer-early winter with our early season rocambole types but into winter with some late white varieties that others may grow). Once sprouted it is still enjoyable for quite a while too, just not at its peak. 

Our online garlic shop takes orders in 1, 2 and 3kg packs ONLY, as of the 2017/18 harvest, for the loose garlic bulbs, with 1kg being the minimum order quantity required. Austpost prepaid Standard and Express post options are offered for each size pack and cover all delivery destinations. Of course you can purchase any quantity you like from us directly at our farmers' market stalls or via prearranged farm gate sales. N.B. We DO NOT supply ’seed’/planting stock garlic, cheap bulk OR sell general wholesale garlic. 

Our pricing is based on current market prices (plus postage and handling) and therefore may vary a bit from season to season. We are keen to keep our garlic at a price affordable to all (and viable to grow) and as such had been absorbing the rising cost of production for many years after our Online Garlic Shop started in 2009. A slight price rise came in to effect as of 2016 to $44kg (prev $42kg) plus p&h. This is only a price increase of $2. We keep our prices very competitive as small scale artisanal growers, committed to ensuring you top quality, excellent value, genuinely certified organic (Cert. Lic.# 10966 by ACO) gorgeous garlic.

Thank you for your support of Australian small farms and for your respect of our ethical, sustainable approach (incl. viable pricing) to running a family-based small farm business.

When is it ready?? The ONLINE SHOP usually opens in the first week of January approximately

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