A Blank Slate and A New Farm Season

So, here we are! Into the start of our 11th farming year, with a a crisp, sparkly, elegant new website and Online Garlic Shop AND the first post of a new blog space. Welcome everyone!

In building this new site, I was unable to transfer the previous blogs posts "Dispatches From The Farm" over to here but not to worry. Although we lose that record of farm history for your perusal, I am quite inspired by having a kind of 'blank slate' to work with in the beginning pages of "Farm Life".

The 2016-2017 season so far...We got back to the farm mid September after a few weeks holiday, raring to get stuck in to our new season with general land prep and planting early stuff (e.g. spuds), only to land effectively knee-deep in mud - quite literally! It started raining here at the start of June (off the back of drought conditions) and basically didn't stop until mid-late October. The mainly cool-cold winter-style temperatures and grey days also predominantly stayed with us until the rain began to clear. From one extreme to another in 5 months, with low temps and minimal sun, we were a bit hamstrung in regards to a timely start with new crops, ending up about 6 weeks behind where we'd aimed and really do need to be to make the most of our peak growing climate here of late spring-mid autumn. We basically need to have all 'winter crops' planted by the end of march to ensure produce for as long as possible through winter. Struggling to form and/or maintain planting beds due to soil moister for the early seedlings (and also needing to protect soil structure wellbeing), we started planting our first veggie seedlings around mid October or so.

It has seemed like an age since we had any produce to sell, but finally a couple of weeks ago, the first of some of the faster growing things such as leafy greens, were ready and we made our first step back to our weekly farmers' markets on Saturday December 3. Each week we have a few more things becoming ready for harvest. It's great to be back.

The weather seems to have settled down a lot with a bit of timely rain alongside new successive plantings and gradually, various new crops are kicking on. Such a relief for us and also so beautiful seeing the first flush of new produce for our coming produce year.

So, here's to a fruitful, tasty and prosperous farm produce season!