Ethical consumerism (preventing exploitation of humans, animals and the natural environment) and fair trade (preventing exploitation of us growers!) and ’clean’ healthy food are serious considerations, which demand we ask ‘how our food is grown, at what price and WHO paid the real price?’  - you can vote daily with your food and spending choices.

Good Garlic Storage

These are our recommendations but not our guarantee...

Primarily AVOID damp OR hot, cold and humid conditions

  • Store garlic bulbs away from direct sunlight and heat (not next to the window or oven top).
  • Store in a dry, airy location, that is not too cold or too hot. Consistent mild, even temperatures seem best e.g. pantry or cellar.
  • Storage in shallow cardboard boxes, net bags, old stockings, or in baskets are all good– any way that allows air circulation around the bulbs.
  • For large orders, check bulbs every few weeks, remove any that are deteriorating, particularly as they reach the end of 'shelf life'.
  • In Southern or cool areas do not store in the fridge as it reduces flavour quality and garlic tends to sprout early under cold conditions. AND GARLIC HATES the DAMPNESS most fridges provide which then rots it/shortens 'shelf life' .
  • In Northern, hot or tropical areas, garlic MAY actually store better in the cool, in a well maintained refrigerator, ventilated (not shoved in a plastic bag or underneath other produce) and away from the external ambient extreme heat and high humidity.
  • If you purchase new season garlic in bulk and you store it well (as above), it keeps for  up to 5 months before sprouting, which occurs naturally sometime from around mid autumn onward. Several customers report theirs hasn't sprouted for over 6 months when stored at even mild temperatures away from light (mud brick homes seem to help!).
  • You can always preserve a certain amount before sprouting to keep you going until the new harvest. Perhaps try to freeze whole cloves to extend your garlic availability? It's not a perfect solution but is worth it. It is risky though to store fresh (uncooked) garlic bottled in oil to prolong its life (partic. un-refrigerated), as it’s possible for the oil to become contaminated with botulism, a highly toxic bacteria which can cause serious illness.

Other Garlic FAQs

When can I buy my Angelica Organic Farm gourmet garlic?

The GARLIC SHOP is NOW CLOSED and we anticipate it re-opening for 2017 crop sales in early January 2018 approximately!

Online shop: Open early January approximately, until garlic is sold out, which can occur very swiftly. 

We produce small volume, high quality garlic and so the garlic available for online sales usually sells out very quickly, thus we recommend you order quickly once the shop is open to avoid disappointment. Just like show tickets, once it's gone it's gone!

Buy direct & avoid postage via: (see details under 'Markets and Farm Gate' heading above).                                                                          - Our farmers’ market stalls on Saturdays in Melbourne from mid December/early January, depending on the season (Please phone in large orders ahead)                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Our farm gate in Glenlyon- Call ahead to arrange a time to come (Closed Saturdays & Sundays sorry).

Payment : 

Only our online shop secure Swipe payment gateway facility accepts credit card/EFT payments.

At the farm gate or farmers' markets we can ONLY ACCEPT CASH payments but NOT cards sorry. 

N.B.: We are a small scale Australian farm growing premium quality, 100% natural, certified organic garlic by hand for direct sale to discerning home cooks and professional chefs. We are NOT commercial planting stock suppliers or set up as a 'nursery'. We do not sell 'bulk priced' planting or eating stock, do other wholesale orders or provide especially selected 'planting bulbs', as we are not a large enough farm to provide those services and pricing. 

How is my garlic delivered and the delivery charged?

We use Australia Post, as we've found them the most reliable and cost effective shipping method for each order. Standard and Express Post options are available. PLEASE NOTE our Terms & Conditions: Delivery times are estimates only and are subject to change by the delivery service provider. We are not responsible for delivery later than estimated or for any failure of the delivery service. If you have not received your order within the estimated time from the dispatch date (as notified by our dispatch confirmation email) then FIRST PLEASE a) Check Austpost ONLINE TRACKING b) CONTACT YOU LOCAL AUSTRALIA POST OFFICE to follow it up immediately

How long will my garlic keep? 
Can I eat garlic which has sprouted?

Garlic is a seasonal product, at its peak during summer/ early autumn. If kept dry and stored properly, your garlic will keep perfectly, without sprouting for a number of months, (approx. 4-5 months or so) from its harvest time before sprouting typically and naturally begins. From around May (in Vic) the garlic will usually start its natural sprouting process but will still taste great, so you can happily use it in your kitchen for some time, as it will still be fresher and superior in flavour to almost all other garlic available in the shops. As our garlic is never cold stored, it only sprouts naturally and not prematurely.

TIP: Use your smaller bulbs last as these tend to store the best and tend to sprout latest. 

Why would I buy my year’s supply of garlic just after harvest? 

Being an annual crop, even if you buy ‘fresh’ Australian garlic a bulb or two at a time, it is still from the same harvest back around November-Dec/Jan that season/year. Therefore it is perfectly practical to purchase new season garlic in bulk so long as you store it well. Most long-stored shop bought garlic has been cool stored, which rapidly diminishes its quality greatly and is why it has so often sprouted, is flavourless (poor growing methods contribute) and perishes quickly. Non-organic garlic (and other alliums and potatoes) are usually sprayed with a sprouting retardant. 

How much garlic do I have to buy?

Our online garlic shop takes orders in 1, 2 and 3kg packs ONLY as at season 2017/18, for the loose garlic bulbs, with 1kg being the minimum order quantity required. Austpost prepaid Standard and Express post options are offered (selected by YOU) for each size pack and cover all delivery destinations. Of course you can purchase any quantity you like from us directly at our farmers' market stalls or via prearranged farm gate sales. N.B. We DO NOT supply ’seed’/planting stock garlic, cheap bulk OR sell general wholesale garlic. 

How many garlic bulbs in 1 kilo?

It is impossible to give a guaranteed figure! Overall size varies from season to season, so, we never know until it is harvested and fully cured each year what the general bulb size will be AND the season's bulbs are not all the same size in each crop. Also, as a 100% naturally grown product, we do NOT force-feed or otherwise manipulate the growth process to attempt producing 'cookie-cutter' shape or conforming and/or large size.  Therefore, though we grade the bulbs, the number of bulbs will vary from one 1kg order to the next. Of course your order is always the full weight ordered and we only dispatch quality garlic, the best available each season and it’s always a suitable size for kitchen use, even the smaller bulbs. We aim for healthy plants which produce premium flavour and a practical size. No matter what we do, we can not totally control bulb size year-to-year or within a crop!

Why is organic garlic so much more 'expensive' than other garlic in the shops? There’s 2 major factors:

  1. Growing garlic commercially is a very labour intensive business, particularly when grown without using pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Angelica Organic Farm garlic is produced almost entirely by hand and we pay proper staff wages – it’s planted, weeded, harvested, cured, trimmed, cleaned, sorted and packed by hand, ensuring the best quality garlic - heaps of TLC from planting to sale!

  2. The ‘flood’ of cheap, inferior, chemically treated garlic into Australia began 15 - 20 years ago. China has become our largest supplier (90% +) by forcing down its price through cheap labour, harsh working conditions and often substandard farming practices. Ethical consumerism (preventing exploitation of humans, animals and the natural environment) and fair trade (preventing exploitation of us growers!) and ’clean’ healthy food are serious considerations, which demand we ask ‘how our food is grown, at what price and WHO paid the real price?’ 

Can I plant Angelica Organic Farm garlic?

Yes. It’s best to keep the bulb whole until autumn and then split the cloves up to be planted individually (each clove produces a new bulb) in autumn, around late March or into April (for Sthn, cool climate areas) . Until then, store well as normal. You plant them with the pointy end sticking upwards, covered just under the soil, about 10cm apart and it takes approximately 8-9 months to grow. 

We are a small scale Australian farm growing premium quality, 100% natural, certified organic garlic by hand for direct sale to discerning home cooks and professional chefs. We are NOT commercial planting stock suppliers or set up to do so. We do not wholesale, sell ’bulk priced’ or especially selected planting stock and are simply not a large enough farm to accommodate any of that. 

What varieties of garlic do you grow?

We grow our prize winning Turban style rocambole variety, a hard-necked purple-striped & speckled skinned, early season type. Rocamboles are renowned for their excellent flavour, glamorous red-purple skins and easily peeled, single circle of (approx) 6-12 easy-to-handle cloves. 

Is your garlic an Italian variety?

Rocamboles are commonly referred to as an ‘Italian variety’ but really that is a myth which has probably grown through renowned Italian cuisine and its faithful use of this common garlic type. Most experts agree, all garlic actually originated in the mountains of South-Central Asia thousands of years ago, within the original ‘garlic crescent’ as it is known, which probably ran along the modern Soviet border with China, Afghanistan and Iran (e.g. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan). 

What People Are Saying...


"It was like Christmas again.... fantastic garlic. strong, powerful, great taste.  I haven't had that quality for a very long time. It reminded me of the garlic my french grandmother used to grow." P.F. Melbourne

"Wow, it arrived yesterday and looks great. Sweet little garlics with big cloves. Everyone in the office was asking "what's that?" When I showed them, they all wanted one, so I've given a few away already." J.W. St Kilda, Melbourne

"We look forward to enjoying your garlic for another year." L&C.K Tanunda S.A.

"Yes, I certainly did order the 6 kgs of garlic! We loved last years crop and it lasted for quite a few months." C.J. Mullumbimby

"Thank you so much, your beautiful box of yummy garlic arrived today! Just in time to become a partner with a giant lot of basil... Please let me know when your next season garlic is ready... It is obviously grown with much love." H.B. Stirling, Sth Aust

"I've been rationing the last couple of bulbs from your last harvest, so I've been watching your site closely!...thank you for proving such a great product, I wouldn't know where else to get garlic if you didn't exist."  K.C. Sth Australia

 "Really looking forward to the delivery! Last years garlic was excellent quality & lasted much longer than I expected :)" C.C. Melton

"Just wanted wanted to let you know my garlic arrived safely today, and I used some in tonight's meal. Absolutely beautiful fragrance, and so juicy. I'm really thrilled. I haven't bought garlic this way before, but have been really fed up with the Chinese/imported garlic all the supermarkets sell...So this is a real treat to have beautiful, fresh garlic. " D.T. Yarram, Victoria

"We were just so amazed at how long your garlic kept; the last head was as good as the first and every single clove was perfect! It ran out far too quickly, we'll definitely be buying lots more next time." H&J Clifton Hill, Melb