CSA2019 Members’ Agreement

 25 January to 16 August 2019

We, Angelica Organic Farm, wish to provide you with fresh, local, truly seasonal, organic food and you, the member, wish to receive a portion of our 2019 harvest.

CSA is a direct relationship between farmer and member. This agreement is to clarify the details and practicalities. It outlines our shared commitments and expectations involved in our relationship. By purchasing a membership share, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. Get yourselves a cuppa, THEN We’d like everyone to read through the CSA members’ agreement, print it out, sign it, and return it (via scan or smart phone photo) with your share order form and payment to us – Thank you.

SECTION 1: Becoming part of our farm:                                                                                         

 A. i. As a CSA member of Angelica Organic Farm (AOF) I agree to: 

  • I agree to receive the AOF Weekly CSA Newsletter and other important Membership Updates via email.

  • I understand that buy purchasing a CSA Share, I am in effect sponsoring A.O.F. to grow my vegetables, herbs and garlic and;

  • I agree to receive what I am given (See Principles Of  Teikei / CSA Partnership and Co-operation principles)


·         I agree to collect my produce share from my chosen hub on Fridays, within the allocated pick up time frame &/or it is my responsibility to find a substitute to pick it up AND I understand that if my share isn’t picked up, it might be donated to the last member who shows up, to my hub hosts, their friends, or donated elsewhere.  In other words, it is often not available the next day, particularly during hot weather or if the hub host cannot accommodate that arrangement. Although we deliver high-quality, super-fresh produce to the site, it will decline quickly if not picked up on time. (I understand I can call my hub host or my farmer and ask for leniency if genuinely required on the rare occasion I need a pick up time extension).

·         I understand I/a substitute  must NOT TAKE HOME the farm crates OR CSA boxes

·         I agree to bring my own carry bags e.t.c. to take my produce away with me

·         I agree to leave /return (clean) for recycling appropriate packaging where possible

·         If I cannot pick up my share, I agree to NOTIFY A.O.F. and my HUB HOST of the name of the person picking up in my place, (in ADVANCE whenever possible).

·         I understand I am responsible for explaining the pick-up procedure to my partner or substitute i.e. bring own bags, do NOT take crates & boxes, ONLY take the produce with YOUR name on its tag e.t.c. N.B.: Member shares that are not picked up will not be refunded or made up.

·         I agree to notify my hub host and A.O.F. of the name and contact details (mob &/or email) of my substitute produce pick up person prior to the Friday involved

·         If I am running late, I agree to PROMPTLY text my hub host first so they know what is going on  - preferably i) during pick up time frame or ii) close to hub close time? 

·         At other times OR if there’s a ‘mix up’, I agree to text or call Tim immediately – 0438 482 738 -  as early as possible. The next day is not helpful and needs to be avoided please? Thanks.

·         I appreciate the need to be respectful of the pick-up location host’s property and privacy. (No need to knock when you collect. Leave empty crates w boxes, stacked tidy, with loose packaging secured inside box)

·         I agree to follow any additional rules posted/explained at the pick-up location site.


·         If I wish to change my drop-off location, I agree to notify A.O.F. in writing, 5 days prior to pick up day of that delivery week or earlier. I understand that A.O.F. cannot accommodate this on a weekly basis and that this would be a permanent change for the season.

PRINCIPLES OF TEIKEI (CSA Partnership and Co-operation principles):

  • I understand the principles of CSA (Teikei – See bottom of Agreement pages).

  • I understand that I may express my produce item preferences (in regards to allergies/intolerances) as to the contents of my box but;

  • I understand that if I don’t like something I receive I can gift it to someone.

  • I understand that the contents of my produce box will change as the season progresses.

  • I understand that factors out of A.O.F.’s control may affect the quality or quantity of that produce e.g. hail, too much/scarce rain, pestilence. (BUT we, A.O.F., always give you the best available and only ‘good to use’ produce.)

  • I understand that I am part of a community that can collectively share the above risks, as opposed to just the farmer and;

  • I understand that this means I may have to share in adversity as well as abundance.

  • I understand that there are many ways to preserve vegetables when items are plentiful in preparation for when they are not.

SECTION 1: A.ii. Cancellation, Credit & Refund Policy

Cancellation of Membership: In the CSA model, members are seen as active farm partners, sharing the risks and rewards of the harvest. There certainly are unforeseeable circumstances that may interrupt your ability to continue your subscription to your CSA membership —a move due to work, seriously sick family member etc. Members may cancel their subscription at any time, for any reason, however should you choose to cancel your subscription for a period or the rest of the season, we cannot offer a refund for shares. Once you join our CSA, you are committing to the entire (30 week for CSA2019) Summer/Autumn/Winter CSA.

We can offer a gift certificate to transfer your membership for the amount of remaining shares on your membership that you are welcome to give as a gift (friend, family, neighbour, charity to join & pick up in your place). Plus a $10 processing fee. The CSA partnership sustains our farm, individual members, and the community at large.

Holiday and Suspension Holds:  You may put your CSA delivery on hold by notifying A.O.F. in writing, 5 days prior to pick up day of that delivery week or preferably earlier. Please include exact ‘away dates’.

Your produce shares will be donated to a local resident/family in hardship or to the Daylesford 5000 CLUB LUNCH which provides a free, hot three course meal to local homeless and struggling residents at the Daylesford Christ Church hall on Fridays.

ALTERNATELY, we can offer a gift certificate to transfer your membership for the number of weekly membership shares you wish to suspend, that you are welcome to give as a gift (friend, family, neighbour, charity to join & pick up in your place). Plus a $10 processing fee.

OR You can arrange for a friend or family member to collect your produce in your place during your absence as per details in “Pick Up Etiquette” above.

Credit claim due to quality of product: There are no cash refunds once payments are made. Any credits agreed to, will be paid down to $0 in ‘make up’ produce or in a gift certificate to A.O.F.. We are willing to scrutinize within reason on a case by case basis any claim for credit due to quality of product distributed. We wash some of our produce, where this aids in fresher storage &/or ease of handling for our members. Some varieties are best held unwashed. You are responsible for prompt produce collection on delivery day and for timely and appropriate storage at home. In the event of a concern or complaint, we are happy to inspect the products we have distributed (if not in person then please email photos), as some quality issues in produce are unforeseen, possibly until preparation for your meal. All refunds will be provided as credit to your membership held with the farm, payable out in produce or in a gift certificate to A.O.F..

We understand a CSA Membership is not for everyone and every situation AND we only want your membership if it is good for you. We do our best to provide transparent, thorough and comprehensive information about how our CSA works and what you can expect from us/your membership. It is however YOUR responsibility to READ the information and make sure you JOIN with fully INFORMED CONSENT. Commit confidently, in the CSA/Teikei spirit!

SECTION 1: B. i. A.O.F.’s commitment to you:                                                                             

As your vegetable farmers we agree to: 

  • Agree to communicate regularly with members.

  • Understand our role in the education of members

  • Understand that transparency is accountability.

  • Agree to minimise carbon footprint where possible (e.g. reduce packaging). 

  • Agree to maintain organic &/or Biodynamic certification.

  • Strive to grow the highest quality and most nutritious vegetables and herbs possible

  • Agree to farm ethically i.e. to treat all parts of the ecosystem with respect

  • Agree to continue to educate ourselves and stay knowledgeable about ‘best practice’

  • You will be receiving the freshest produce available short of growing it yourself. It will be washed and where necessary to retain freshness, packed in eco-bags (occas plastic) or paper bags, which where possible we encourage you to recycle &/or return to us (clean) for reuse. That being said, please take the time to properly store all produce each week once received. A handy guide on how to best store your produce is available on our website : https://www.angelicaorganicfarm.com.au/veg-storage-tips/

  • We agree to value the input of our CSA community

SECTION 1: B.ii. Our Growing Practices:    

We believe in transparent farming practices and being open and honest about all inputs used on our farm. 

  • We do not use synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, or any genetically modified seed. We are certified organic with Australian Certified Organic (reg. #10966) and provide you with a copy of our current ACO Certificate.

  • We also use Demeter Biodynamic applications, including BD Preps 500 & 501, to encourage beneficial soil microbe balance/action and nutrient availability

  • We do occasionally use composted and aged animal manures as fertilizers.

  • We use physical barriers and crop rotations as pest and disease deterrents, and if necessary, only use organically-approved sprays (but rarely if ever).

  • Some of the seed/seedlings we use are certified organic, some are not. Depends on availability, cost and performance, in practice this means we prefer to use organically certified seed as they carry traits that work well in our farming system. All soil block materials used to grow our seedlings are ACO approved. As a practice, our farm records will be available to all members upon request. We welcome any inquires about this stance or about our growing practice.  

  • FARM PROPERTY EXTENSION: Please be advised that the additional 8 acres we leased from our farm neighbours and are cultivating for some of this season’s crops, is NOT certified organic, even though we are continuing to farm it under the exact same organic and Biodynamic methods as for the certified acres AND this patch is clean from synthetic chemicals under prior uses. Reason being that we only have this added land lease secured for the next 12 months, so it is not practicable or affordable to certify it (though we still have to keep records to be shown at the next organic certification audit. Some of the CSA produce will come from this patch.                                                                                             

  • Planned crops for 2019 season – Please refer to our website for a guide: https://www.angelicaorganicfarm.com.au/csa/


A. Sharing in the Risk of Crop Failure         

i) Members of our farm get the opportunity to share in the abundance of a local Central Highlands of Victoria farm. With that opportunity there are naturally risks associated with our growing season. We are committed to minimizing those risks, yet risks will always remain. We promise to do our best (i.e. bend over backwards!) to provide you with a bountiful share each week. The quantity of produce, however, may vary from week-to-week due to extreme weather, insects, or other production factors despite our best efforts. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share the reasonable risk of crop short-fall or failure with us and our other members.

ii) In the unlikely event of crop failure: If only a small portion of crops fail, we compensate you by giving you more of other items grown on the farm that are ready for harvest at that time. If a large portion of crops fail, we may not be able to deliver any products in some weeks. In the unlikely event this should happen, members will be contacted directly, as soon as possible to discuss options for remediation. However, it is unlikely that we would be able to refund memberships or even partial memberships as the money is used to fund the season’s expenses. In general, shares include slightly more produce than you’d get at the farmers’ market or greengrocer for the money. 

Please take this into consideration when joining the CSA.  It is very important to us that you make a confident decision and feel good about your purchase of a share in our farm's produce. You should feel great knowing where your food comes from and that OUR CSA works for YOUR lifestyle, genuine dietary limitations and personal ethos.

We only want your membership if it is good for you!           

 B. Sharing in the Reward of Crop Surplus

When we have an overabundance of anything, we give extra to the CSA, though try not to overload you on any one type of produce, or deliver so much produce that it goes to waste. Surplus of crops grown for CSA will be offered for sale to restaurants.

We have in the past purchased outside organic produce to add to our shares. We do not intend to continue this practice in order to stay true to the CSA Principles of Teikei and to properly manage farm finances. We certainly will not buy in items just because we do not/cannot grow them.

Generally, each week, we try to include some sort of root vegetable, potatoes, a fresh herb, greens &/or lettuce/salad mix, some sort of allium (garlic, leeks, onions), and anything else that might be in season each week. 

If you have any questions about this please feel free to contact us. Our CSA is our primary focus.

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT comprise OR price share sizes by the weight/kilo volume of produce in the 'box' each week. Your weekly VALUE is arrived at according to practical usage and a good volume of excellent quality, fresh-as-can-be food for the subscription paid.

In addition to our CSA, Angelica Organic Farm sells to the Trentham Food Hub, several local and Melbourne restaurants and shops. We do this in order to create a financially stable and sustainable farm that can offer our community the freshest food, as well as provide us farmers and our farm hands a dignified wage. Some crops we grow specifically for CSA &/or these other sales avenues. 

SECTION 3: A. Membership FEES:    

Memberships are sold in advance of the growing season. This CSA practice reduces the burden of up-front costs for the farmer and enables us to plan and budget each year. Your membership fees provide us with money to purchase seed and equipment when we need it before the season starts, maintain working cash flow during the season and to help ensure we make a viable living in order to keep farming. We deeply appreciate your support and commitment. 

Below are the shares offered for the Summer/Autumn/Winter 2019 season: N.B. Full details about what’s included/how many the shares feed is on the website – www.angelicaorganicfarm.com.au/how-our-csa-works/

SECTION 3: B. PRICING and Fee PAYMENT – Invoices and Receipts provided

30 WEEKS - Summer/Autumn/Winter -Fridays, Jan 25 – Aug 16 inclusive.   N.B. ONLY payment secures your member Share (deposit as minimum payment) 

STANDARD Full Share:

OPTION 1:  FULL 'Season' in Advance = $1500.00 in advance by Fri 30/11/18 i.e. Sign Up DEADLINE. Recommend/preferred and what's really needed by us from all members who can manage this! - Thank you

OPTION 2: DEPOSIT 50% - $750.00 minimum non-refundable deposit required at your CSA Sign Up – DEADLINE 30/11/18 - N.B. ONLY payment secures your subscription BALANCE - $750.00 due 11 January 2019 deadline. Produce supply will not start before payment is received.

FEED A FAMILY  Larger Full Share (approx 1.5 x the STANDARD Share size)

OPTION 1:  FULL 'Season' in Advance = $2240.00 in advance Fri 30/11/18 i.e. Sign Up DEADLINE. Recommend/preferred and what's really needed by us from all members who can manage this! - Thank you

OPTION 2: DEPOSIT 50% - $1120.00 minimum non-refundable deposit required at your CSA Sign Up – DEADLINE 30/11/18 - N.B. ONLY payment secures your subscription BALANCE - $1120.00 due 11 January 2019 deadline. Produce supply will not start before payment is received.

Your Membership Share is secured as soon as we receive your payment. During Sign Up, prompt payment is important and much appreciated Prompt payment helps us to know how many shares we have remaining for other new members. THANK YOU

SECTION 4: Picking Up Produce Weekly Fridays: 25 January to 16 August 2019  (Full Hub venue details will be supplied once membership is finalised)                                                                                             

  • Stewart Street, BRUNSWICK, Melbourne - 8:00am – 7:00 pm Fridays

  • “Rose Street Pantry” - Rose Street FITZROY, Melbourne - 10:00am – 7:00pm - Fridays

  • Gordon Street, FOOTSCRAY - 7:00am – 7:00 pm - Fridays

  • Victoria Street, NORTH Melbourne - 8.30am – 7:00pm - Fridays 

  • New hub TBA :  SOUTH Melbourne - Hub host/venue required

  • East Street, DAYLESFORD - 11.00am – 7:00 pm - Fridays

  • Ryans Road, WOODEND - 10:00am – 7:00 pm - Fridays


We want to partner with you to ensure you enjoy your CSA membership! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your membership, please do not hesitate to call or email us….

Tim’s #  0438 482 738 (Main contact + call FIRST on Thurs & Fridays pls)

Deri-Anne’s # 0408 324 072 (Back up contact if urgent & no answer from Tim’s phone)

Email: info@angelicaorganicfarm.com.auMAIN form of COMMUNICATION please

For URGENT CONTACT e.g. on Thursdays & Friday re box pick up or anomalies PLEASE ONLY PHONE or text message Tim. This ensures the best chance for us to connect with you promptly AND with up-to-date accurate information &/or a solution. CALL Tim FIRST (i.e. US) – Do NOT ‘quiz’ your hub host, they most likely have no answers &/or it’s not a matter they can sort out.

We will send a weekly email “e-Newsletter”, as a delivery reminder + a description of what is in the box, recipe ideas, farm updates and IMPORTANT MEMBER NOTIFICATIONS.

We will communicate with you by email primarily. When you sign up, you will be added to our CSA mailing list. Please read your emails from us. We depend on being able to communicate important information such as necessary changes to your distribution schedule or to our farm events.


Member Contact Information:

Name: _____________________________________

Address: __________________________________



Phone Number: ______________________

Email: _________________________________

By signing below, I agree to purchase the membership share indicated in Section 3 and have read and understood this Agreement form. Please retain a copy of this agreement for your records.



Please return a signed, scanned/digital photo or posted copy of this agreement by email to Angelica Organic Farm, info@angelicaorganicfarm.com.au , along with your payment, to secure your membership.

Principles Of Teikei (Partnership and Co-Operation Principles)

CSA originated in the 1970’s in Japan. These are its guiding principles.

  • Principle of mutual assistance

  • Principle of accepting the produce

  • Principle of mutual concession in the price decision

  • Principle of deepening friendly relationships

  • Principle of self-distribution

  • Principle of democratic management

  • Principle of learning among each group

  • Principle of maintaining the appropriate group scale

  • Principle of steady development

See more detail at the Urgenci website.


1.      Saturday 23rd March 2019 – 10.15am to 1pm

2.      Sunday 26th May 2019 – 10.15am to 1pm