We believe you can make great meals with fresh everyday ingredients (real food!) even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. You just need to cook clever and get creative!

CSA2020 Membership REGISTRATION OPENS 11 November (CLOSES 25 Nov).


* Experience truly fresh food, as close to growing your own as possible and quality organic, seasonal produce, sometimes uncommon varieties or those not available elsewhere.

* A farm in your heart...Re-establishing a connection with the land that many people feel they have lost or would like. Food does not start at the customer’s door; it starts on the farm. 

* People join for health reasons. Eating food that is natural and clean is essential for some health conditions and a win for anyone's health.      

* Feeling inspired and encouraged to eat more fresh vegetables and less processed products. Belonging to our farm will enrich and broaden your culinary adventure. Joining our CSA means that you will experience your meals in a deeper, more connected way with Planet Earth, real seasons and your farmers. 

* Many see value and integrity in consistently investing in their local farmers and saving small family farms committed to regenerative land and resource stewardship. Remaining quality farmland and water resources are all under high pressure from urban development. The viability of farming is under much pressure too.

* Shareholders have input into the plans for what we select to grow and develop an understanding of the challenges of food production.

* For some it’s about reducing the amount of food miles and the amount of fossil fuel that is used to transport food.

* Know your farmer, know your food – know where their food comes from and how it is grown. Learn about agricultural systems.

* Ultimately, a perfect CELEBRATION of the growing and sharing of local food! There's all those lovely social benefits from interacting with like-minded people.

BENEFITS of CSA to All Community

* Preservation of small, diversified farms - The farm supplies great, nutritious and clean food, as well as an opportunity for a community to come together, reconnect with the seasons of local food, and help preserve open space as working farms.

* Conservation of agricultural and food diversity. Small farms produce a wide variety of crops, animals and other products and conserve heirloom and rare breeds. Small farms also foster biodiversity of a given area.

* Economically viable small farms means essential local farmland is protected from further urban sprawl. Retention of small farms in the rural-urban fringe because of a viable agriculture enterprise.

* Develops a sense of community social responsibility towards land stewardship.

* Reduces overuse and wasted resources consumed from produce marketing to packaging and transport - eco-efficient food supply chain

* Supports safe, proven farming skills and technologies rather than big business-driven agendas and technologies such as Genetically Modified Organisms (GM Food) and dubious agro-chemicals.

* Kids learn that food does NOT come from shops, from door steps OR wrapped in packaging!

*The potentially enhanced health benefits from increased consumption of fruit, vegetables (and healthily raised/made animal products). Also, many are organic, chemical free, grass fed and ethically raised foods, maximising nutrient density.

*Farm Visits You are invited to your farm to see your vegetables grow. 

building resilient + subversive fair food culture

CSA was started in Japan in the 70s under what are called the Teikei Principles. The most basic principle of Teikei is a direct distribution system based on relationships, not mere transactions. It is also based on sharing not only the rewards of organic or agroecological farming, but also the risks.

When NOT to Join a CSA

* If you eat out more than you eat in, this probably isn't for you.

* If you passionately object to eating several varieties of common vegetables and regualrly, this is not for you.     

*If you or others in your household have actual food intolerance to more than 1 veggie or a family (or more) of veggies (e.g. brassicas, alliums) and as a result your household will struggle to consume the strictly seasonal produce and range we can offer.                     

* If you are especially picky and/or want every type of vegetable, each and every week of the year, a CSA might not be right for you. Eating seasonally means that you eat the crops that are at the peak of ripeness, flavour and nutrition at that point in the season - the LOCAL season of that farm. We grow Glenlyon-seasonal produce, as nature intended it and in line with her whims each year/seasonal transition (esp early summer and deep winter!).

* If you want tomatoes or vegetables that are so perfect that they look like they were raised in a laboratory, our CSA might not be right for you. Our veggies are healthy, natural, and sometimes are not 'perfect' looking - though they are fresh, gorgeous and uncommonly delicious!

*If you are not prepared and completely willing to see out the entire season, knowing that your membership is non-refundable. (Except under extenuating or serious urgent personal circumstances, where negotiation may be possible)

Zucchini Flowers - versatile and delish!

Zucchini Flowers - versatile and delish!

Does CSA suit YOU/your LIFESTYLE?

* It is very important to us that you make a confident decision and feel good about your purchase of a share in our farm's produce. You should feel great knowing where your food comes from and that OUR CSA works for YOUR lifestyle.

We only want your business if it is good for you!

* To take full advantage of the opportunity, CSA's are intended for individuals and families that eat at home, that enjoy cooking, trying new things and have an interest in quality eating and home cooking.

* You need to be committed to picking up your share each week, as well as using it.

* You'll need a degree of adventure in the kitchen, and the desire to cook while experimenting with some possibly new vegetables. 

* There may be weeks, during the peak of each season (esp potentially late summer/autumn ), when you'll get a surplus of vegetables. Be prepared to use what may have previously seemed like large quantities of vegetables in your day to day meals and snacks. On occasion be prepared to share(family, neighbours e.t.c.) or make the most of this surplus by bottling, pickling, fermenting, freezing &/or drying it for use during the winter when a broad variety of fresh vegetables are harder to come by.

* If you preserve food and use it outside the CSA harvest season your value is stretched beyond the months you paid for.

We believe you can make great meals with fresh everyday ingredients (real food!) even if you’re short on time and cost conscious. You just need to cook clever and get creative!

We prefer members who are happy and positive, with can-do type of personalities... our farm and its produce is meant to be a great, positive experience for you, your family, your fellow members, and for us!

We welcome constructive feedback, but please remember, we work our tails off in blazing sun, pouring rain, driving wind and burning frosts to bring you delicious produce! 

Please be sure you fully understand what a CSA Farm Share is truly about before you join!

READ about HOW our CSA WORKS on the NEXT PAGE...


FRIDAY Home Delivery (Melb/Ballarat/Kyneton /Woodend/Macedon/poss Castlemaine & Geelong)

OR Friday Pick Up Hubs: Armadale area (TBC) - North Melbourne - Footscray - Fitzroy - Brunswick - Daylesford - poss. Castlemaine & Geelong (TBC)

**Hub Pick Up DEADLINE 7pm for most hubs**

A certain set number of memberships ('Shares') will be available each year in advance of the upcoming CSA Season commencement, with sign up AND payment securing your 'share'. CSA2020 starts 24 JANUARY 2020.

The NEW and full SEASON, CSA2020 (Summer/Autumn/Winter) SIGN UP will OPEN 11 November this year and CLOSE 25 November for produce commencement Friday 24 January 2020 (running through to 14 August). This will be promoted via our social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram - @angelicaorganicfarm and Twitter - @angelicaorganic .

Updates will also be posted HERE on our website –

Anyone who is really keen to join, is welcome to email us (below) to be put on a ‘waiting list’ (Please READ the CSA info on this site FIRST?)? Existing CSA members always get early and first option. Prospective new members who have already expressed their genuine desire to join will receive direct notification a bit before general Sign Up opens ?

We will only be offering FULL SEASON shares (Summer/Autumn/Winter) at November SIGN UP and anticipate filling all of those straight up. We only offer ‘Summer/Autumn’ or ‘Autumn/Winter’ shares later, if we do not fulfill our annual membership base aim, that we’ve planned/planted for, to start in week #1.

Don't miss out, we can only provide a set number of shares!

PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT THIS FORM if you have decided to commit to joining our CSA (& have read the info we provide on this site please?- OTHERWISE, comprehensive information explaining our CSA terms and cost etc plus CSA info in general can be found on these website pages to assist you in making your choice prior to applying. Once you have SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION, ONCE CSA2020 Sign Up time OPENS,we will promptly reply with your MEMBERSHIP FORMS to be completed, along with your PAYMENT to secure your CSA Membership Share for 2020

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