FEED-A-FAMILY Share-Av $80.00/wk for 30 wks


FEED-A-FAMILY Share-Av $80.00/wk for 30 wks


Our CSA2019 runs for 30 weeks - Summer/Autumn/Winter - Commencing Friday 25 January and concluding Friday 16 August 2019.

Weekly deliveries to your nearest collection ‘hub’ occur FRIDAY MORNINGS, with each hub being open until 7pm or so.

PRODUCE PICK UP HUBS: MELBOURNE 1) Brunswick 2)Fitzroy 3)Footscray 4) North Melbourne 5) NEW South Melb - TBA once a hub host is confirmed. We are looking for a Sth Melb hub host.

Feeds approximately 3-4 adult-sized eaters and up to 2 small children or 2-3 adult vegetarians.

This Share is meant for a family or medium-sized household. We do not recommend splitting it between a group of individuals, UNLESS you eat together - just not practical to divie up. If this Share is too much we recommend the Standard Share.

This larger Share is also possibly a good fit for a smaller household who likes to preserve or freeze their own fresh produce or who entertains at home/feeds visitors. You’ll get all the basics and a great selection of additional items through all three seasons.

Contains 11-15 items (av. 13-14, including larger volumes of staples), depending on the season and availability but always an average of the weekly price and often way more $$ value.  Average value per week = $80.00

Each week, we provide you with a mouth watering and practical selection of fresh picked certified organic produce. We try to include 1-2 root vegetable, potatoes, a fresh herb, greens &/or lettuce/salad mix, some sort of allium (garlic, leeks, onions), and anything else that might be in season each week. 

PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT comprise OR price share sizes by the kilo volume of produce in the 'box' each week. Your weekly VALUE is arrived at according to practical usage and a good volume of excellent quality food for the subscription paid. If you are after masses of 'cheap food' CSA is NOT for you. You will receive extra when we have surplus only. CSA is about FAIR FOOD, reflecting true production value, including that everyone wins, eater and farmers alike - Thank you for your respect, support and appreciation.

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Only 1 or 2 items please as we can’t cover multiple replacement items (esp for several members at once) Let us know major things you really can’t eat/use? We endeavour to substitute w replacements or extra of avail items but of course it's all dependent on availability & demand week-to-week/seasonally.
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CSA is a direct relationship between farmer and member. This agreement is to clarify the details and practicalities. It outlines our shared commitments and expectations involved in our relationship; CLICK ABOVE TO READ AGREEMENT. By purchasing a membership share, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. Please return a signed, scanned/digital photo copy of this agreement and your order form to Angelica Organic Farm, along with your online payment, to secure your membership. ONLY payment secures your subscription.

**We will email you the MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT for you to complete, sign, scan and return once we receive your payment.**