Springing along!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Things are taking shape at Angelica Organic Farm as we've finally gotten into our local version of spring.

We've been sowing seedlings for weeks and have begun planting out the first round of seedlings into the field.


Red bok choi

Red kale...

...PLUS directly sown in the field but not highly visible yet are a range of carrots, beetroots, coriander, dill, rocket, mizuna, potatoes and a few others.

Some of the woody herbs which 'die back' over winter are springing back to life, like this lemon thyme above.

The green manure oats are on the 'go' towards feeding the soil and boosting organic matter in the areas for the next planting of garlic next autumn.

Other green manure oats have been 'turned in' to the soil in order to start breaking down a bit prior to planting new summer crops soon.

New compost made from last growing season's plant remnants, waste and weeds is being used for seed raising mix and to feed the fields before planting.

See also (in the foreground) the organic hay waiting to be used in the next compost heap.

The abundance of fresh, lush, oh-so- green clover is living evidence of the TLC we have invested in the previously neglected land over the 5 years since we arrived as custodians for it.  

Our gorgeous red rocambole garlic is doing well too...watch this space for a pictorial update coming soon... 

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